NewBee Honey

New Zealand produces some of the world's best honey.  Honey has long been recognised as a "superfood", with countless health benefits, and remains extremely popular throughout Asia.  Aozora sources its honey exclusively from The Honey Company Ltd of Blenheim.


Packing & Shipping Specifications


  • Manuka: Manuka Blend, Manuka, Manuka 5+, 10+
  • Blueborage, Creamed Clover & Wild Flora

Pack Types

  • 250g, 500g & 1kg PET jars


  • 250gm: 12 units per case, 336 cases per pallet
  • 500gm: 12 units per case, 170 cases per pallet
  • 1kg: 6 units per case, 160 cases per pallet